The NZ businesses closing their doors to support the climate strike

Unlike previous climate strikes, it won't just be school kids taking to the streets this Friday.

It's an "intergenerational" day of action, and workers of all ages intend to walk off the job to show their frustration over climate inaction.

Approximately 90 Kiwi businesses have pledged their support by signing up to Not Business As Usual, an alliance of businesses from New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world. 

The organisers (Australian superannuation fund Future Super) say many people who want to participate in the strike will be too afraid of being penalised by their employers.  

"Every business can do something, whether it's closing the doors, having a meeting-free day, allowing a long lunch or sending an email to make it clear teams will not be penalised for taking a few hours off," the Not Business As Usual website says. 

"The reality is that while it's not up to the private sector to lead climate action, we can do our part in this first of a kind moment."

So far 2966 international businesses have joined, with New Zealand companies such as Meridian, Garage Project, the Co-operative Bank and Freedom Farms pledging their support. 

Most of the country's universities have signalled their support for students who want to participate in Friday's strike. Lincoln University was the first to officially announce staff and students won't be punished for skipping class, with Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington following suit, among others.

The University of Auckland was criticised last week for senior management's refusal to support the strike. Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon told the Auckland University Students' Association that while he agrees climate change is a significant issue, it would not be appropriate for the university to condone the strike. 

"As a community of some 50,000 people with a great diversity of backgrounds and views, the university as an entity does not take positions on particular issues such as this."

Click here for a full list of strike locations around the country.