Activists call on All Blacks to drop sponsor AIG

A 35,000 strong petition will be presented to the All Blacks asking the team to drop major sponsor AIG.

The insurer will reportedly insure a massive coal mine in Queensland, Australia, which is expected to emit huge amounts of CO2.

Adani, the mine's owner, said in court it will produce 2.3 billion tonnes of coal over 60 years, averaging just under 40 million tonnes of coal a year, equivalent to 4.7 billion tonnes of CO2.

Activist groups 350 Aotearoa and SumOfUs launched the petition just before the Rugby World Cup began and will present it on Wednesday.

350 Aotearoa Activist Erica Finnie told Newshub AIG may choose rugby over the mine. 

"We know that AIG values its relationship with the All Blacks more than any other and if it came down to it that they would drop the Adani project over losing the All Blacks and potentially make the mine uninsurable."

Finnie said AIG is on the wrong side of history working with the mine, especially because not a lot of other companies will.

"Fourteen other insurance companies have refused to back the project given the risk and 57 other corporations... have ruled out working with the project."

Newshub has contacted AIG and the All Blacks for comment.