Elon Musk unveils customised Tesla horns, including fart and goat sounds

Elon Musk has unveiled "customisable" horns for Tesla vehicles.

The billionaire chief executive made the announcement on social media that the customised horns were "coming to Teslas soon".

Musk also unveiled the sounds people might be able to choose. Judging by the emojis he used in a Twitter post, one of those could be a "whoopie cushion fart noise", while he also hinted at a goat noise.

"Apart from imparting fun, the new sounds have a more practical safety aspect," the International Business Times reports.

"Tesla also said there will be additional noises yet to be determined."

Musk's announcement left internet users amused, and Tesla drivers excited.

"Goat sound [is] going to scare the absolute sh*t out of everyone, I love this," one Twitter user said.

"If you include a Dukes of Hazzard horn sounds I'm buying a Tesla," another wrote.

A New Zealand branch of Tesla - the world's most high profile electric car company - was set up last year.