Lotto: Powerball jackpots to second-biggest prize in history

If won by a single player, Wednesday night's Lotto jackpot will be the second-biggest haul in New Zealand history.

The top prize of $32 million went unclaimed on Saturday night, with no one getting all six numbers and the Powerball - so it'll be $38 million at the next draw.

The biggest win - $44 million - went to a Hibiscus Coast couple in 2016. 

A single line has a one-in-38,383,800 chance of winning.

Saturday night's numbers were 19, 23, 25, 27, 30 and 40. The Powerball was 1, the Bonus ball 37. Strike was 30, 23, 40 and 25.

Six people won first division without the Powerball, splitting a $1 million prize six ways. No one got the four balls for Strike, but as it was a must-win draw, 189 players who got three in a row took home $5932.