Mark Richardson unleashes on young people eating out while 'bitching' about not owning homes

The AM Show sports reader Mark Richardson let rip on Friday morning, blasting "young people" for eating at expensive restaurants while "bitching" about not owning a house.

On Friday, the Restaurant Association of New Zealand released its latest hospitality report, which found that the industry was continuing to grow. 

The restaurant and cafe sector recorded the highest growth at 5.2 percent while takeaways sales achieved a 2.6 percent annual sales increase - though that sector's growth was slower than previous years.

Discussing the new figures on The AM Show on Friday, Richardson took aim at young people, saying they shouldn't be eating out if they are at the same time moaning about the cost of living. 

"If you are eating out and you are a younger person who is yet to perhaps own a house and you are bitching and moaning about that, don't bitch and moan about that if you are eating out," he said.

"Have you seen the cost of one alcohol and the cost of food if you actually eat at restaurants?"

Richardson said he hardly ever goes out for dinner, but when he was previously out in Ponsonby - using a voucher - he was shocked by the number of young people spending their money. 

"Last time I went out for dinner... the bill came and I nearly fell over backwards. Then I looked around the room and I saw all these young people... and I was thinking 'What are you doing here? You are a bitching and moaning about how expensive life is and you can't afford a home, and yet here you are," he said.

"I was looking at what they were eating and drinking and their bills would have been more than me.

"Just honestly if you are going to do this, then shut it. I don't want to hear it."

The AM Show host Duncan Garner said he understood the point Richardson was trying to make, saying it was necessary for people to make sacrifices to get what they want and that they might not be able to live in the areas they want to due to the costs.

But news presenter Nadine Higgins came to the defence of youngsters, calling Richardson an "old fuddy duddy sometimes".

She said young people aren't eating out every day, and even if they were, the amount of money spent would probably not be enough to buy a house.

"They are moving halfway to Hamilton to afford a house. That is why they are having takeaways, because it takes them an hour and a half to get home."

While Richardson said being tight on money was necessary to retiring well, Higgins said people can be frugal and still find retiring difficult.