Mt Roskill's 'disaster' Flintstones house up for sale

The Flintstones house
The Stranolar Drive property has earned comparisons to 1960s cartoon The Flintstones. Photo credit: Hanna-Barbera/One Roof

An iconic part of Mt Roskill's landscape is up for auction: the 'Flintstones house'. 

The main dwelling is a standard four-bedroom house, but the unique selling point comes from a connecting building - a double-storey white boulder-shaped structure.

The quirky aesthetic carries on inside, with bright blue walls, a domed roof and haphazard holes for windows. The building looks as though it belongs in the popular 1960s cartoon about a Stone Age family.

The quirky interior.
The quirky interior. Photo credit: One Roof

But Barfoot & Thompson agent Alex Yang isn't charmed by the house, describing it as a "disaster" in a listing on One Roof

"Disaster No.1 - There is NO Code Compliance Certificate issued for the current dwelling," he writes. "Disaster No.2 - This dwelling has major water ingress issues!"

Properties without code compliance certificates can be difficult to sell, as the lack of proof of compliance with the Building Code tends to diminish value. 

Yang says the main building will need major recladding or even to be fully demolished. However, the property has one major selling point - location. Stranolar Drive is a desirable part of Roskill South with a solid reputation, local bus route and great views, he says. 

"The children can enjoy the local park across the road while mum and dad can appreciate its nearness to two local golf courses. Surrounded by quality homes in this much-loved neighbourhood, the location should you choose to reside here is sure to bring you pleasure for years to come!"

The Flintstones house is up for sale.
The Flintstones house is up for sale. Photo credit: One Roof

He says the owner is "most eager and ready to sell".

The property has a capital value of $910,000 based on recent sales in the area, but Yang says prospective buyers will have the opportunity to buy it at land value only - about $790,000, according to Auckland Council. 

It will be auctioned at 1:30pm on Tuesday at 34 Shortland St.