Revealed: The luckiest Lotto Powerball number

With $32 million up for grabs in Saturday's Lotto draw, there's bound to be speculation about which numbers are luckiest. 

Now, Newshub can reveal which Powerball number has been responsible for the largest number of big-winners over the years.

And the lucky number is: three.

According to Lotto NZ, 26 people have struck it rich by choosing number three as their Powerball.

Included in the lucky-number-three club is the Taranaki woman who bagged $22.3 million in January. 

She celebrated by shouting her family a holiday to Europe, as well as booking them tickets to the semis and finals of the Rugby World Cup in Japan.  

Although deemed the luckiest digit, number three is not actually the most frequently drawn Powerball number. That honour goes to number two, which has been drawn 159 times.

Despite certain numbers popping up more often than others, the odds remain the same.

"The odds of winning Powerball are the same for every draw," says Lotto NZ.

"Each line of numbers has exactly the same chance of winning, regardless of whether it is a Dip of random numbers or a player’s own numbers. Many players prefer to play random numbers, with around 70 percent of all tickets sold being Dips."

The odds of winning Lotto are one in 3.8 million, which doesn't give you a great chance to start with.

Those odds are even tougher when it comes to Powerball, however, jumping to one in 38 million.