Bill Gates overtakes Amazon's Jeff Bezos to again become the world's richest person

Bill Gates, right, and Jeff Bezos.
Bill Gates, right, and Jeff Bezos. Photo credit: Getty

Tech billionaire Bill Gates is once again the world's richest man after more than 24 months.

His rise back to the top has been put down to Microsoft shares climbing by four percent, making Gates' net worth about US$110 billion, reports the Bloomberg Billionaires index.

The stock rise means he's overtaken Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos who earlier this year made history with a record breaking divorce settlement.

Bezos, whose net worth remains at US$108.7b, would most likely still be on top had it not been for his divorce, according to Bloomberg.

His ex-wife MacKenzie received NZ$52b from the settlement.

Amazon's stocks have dropped about two percent since it was announced that Gates was back on top.