Spark Sport wants to stream all major sports in New Zealand

Spark Sport wants to become New Zealand's main streaming service after figures revealed the All Blacks vs Ireland Quarter Final was the most streamed sports event in the country. 

Spark Sport played 212,000 live and on-demand streams, with many of these having more than one person watching them. 

However the streaming service was plagued with issues with many complaining they could not view the games.

Head of Spark Sport Jeff Latch says while it's disappointing some customers experienced issues, the majority were happy with the service.

"Overall we were pleased with what we delivered," he told The AM Show on Tuesday.

"We think there was 1 percent of people who had repeated issues, and it was complex - there were issues in people's houses and of course, everyone had different issues so we had to actually send people out to people's houses to sort it." 

Despite the teething issues he says the goal is to become New Zealand's leading sports streaming service, carrying all major sports.

"Every technology has issues when it's introduced but change is inevitable and change is a good thing."

"We think we can actually transform the way sport is distributed into the home," he told The AM Show.

He says in order to resolve the issues Spark Sport gave out free devices to around 500 customers.

"Out of 200,000 it's not a huge amount," said Latch.

Latch says the issues stemmed from lack of education, and people signing on to the service late.

"You can't over invest in terms of education, a lot of the issues we encountered in the first two weeks were because people didn't understand actually setting up their house and optimizing the experience," he said.

"We absolutely invested a great deal of time and effort into getting people in early but despite that it was really clear, about 30,000 people came in in the last 36 hours," he continued.

The issues arose when these latecomers didn't understand how to optimise their experience said Latch.