New Zealand gets Uber-style fuel service as pilot launches in Christchurch

Stopping to fill up your vehicle might be a thing of the past with Uber-style fuel arriving in New Zealand.

A delivery service called FILL has launched a pilot in Christchurch, bringing on-demand fuel directly to vehicles. Customers can order the petrol via its smartphone app called FILL for Fuel.

Company co-founder Tom Evatt says it will cost no more than the undiscounted prices at the pumps.

"What we're hoping to do with our technology - you'll see how far away a truck is, you can order your fuel or book a session that's convenient for you," he told Newshub.

"None of us like stopping at service stations to refuel and most of our friends don't like it either.

"It's something that we've picked up from the US and Europe - there's quite a lot of these on-demand fuel companies emerging in different shapes and forms."

A test-phase of the app was launched in October and the company is now looking to push the business wider.

New Zealanders can expect the service to arrive in other areas of the country if the Christchurch pilot is successful.