What does the median rent price get you in Wellington?

It's no secret that New Zealand is in the grips of a housing crisis and the capital is topping the country with the highest rents.

The average rent in Wellington is $604 a week - a ten percent increase in the past year.

But where can you live for that price? 

Newshub dived deep to see what kind of housing is available for a rent most young people can't afford. 

Newshub searched Trademe for rental properties between $550 and $600 per week in Wellington.

The search turned up 113 results and the split seemed fairly even between beautiful, unattainable luxury flats and less-than luxurious flats.

One humble abode in the lower-to-middle value suburb of Berhampore was advertised for $595 a week - just under the average rent. It features lopsided kitchen cabinets and bafflingly, a camping cooker placed where the hob should be. 

What does the median rent price get you in Wellington?
Photo credit: Trademe.

The bathroom is cozy, with a washing machine almost directly in front of the door, and the courtyard is just as charming. It has bins, and a washing line. The property is described as "perfect" for working professionals and families. 

Bond is a measly $2,380.The property has three bedrooms, so split evenly between three tenants, rent would be $198 before bills and bond would be $793.

How affordable. 

Next up a two bedroom, one bathroom house in the student-populated area of Kelburn. This one is going for $600 a week and the pictures show what appears to be visible condensation on the windows. 

What does the median rent price get you in Wellington?
Photo credit: Trademe.

Despite the damp, the flat does have benefits - for example it comes with its own oven - what a win.

"The bathroom has a shower, toilet and a basin" reads the listing. Such luxury!

"Get in quick, this property will not stick around!"

It's advertised as the perfect student flat - for just $300 per person if the rent was split evenly.  

Other places on Trademe are utterly beautiful - but with just one bedroom and a $580 rent you either have to be very rich or live with a partner and be pretty rich.

An apartment in the central suburb  of Mount Vic boasts one bedroom, one bathroom and one of the dinkiest kitchen's I have ever laid eyes on. 

What does the median rent price get you in Wellington?
Photo credit: Trademe.

It also features an apparently windowless bedroom - perfect from hiding from Wellington's brutal winters.

It's stunning, and new and probably doesn't have any mould but totally out of reach for a lot of people in the capital.

But just because these properties are listed on Trademe, doesn't mean you can live in them. 

The fight to find a flat is a desperate one. Students, families and working professionals are all competing for what is a declining market.

"Previously, they've been competing separately for different types of housing. Now it's an all-versus-all scenario, where you're trying to find anything you can to get into a house," Infometrics senior economist Brad Olsen told Newshub.

High house prices mean people stay in rentals longer to save deposits, putting pressure on the market.

In turn, rent prices are going through the roof - leaving many Wellingtonians struggling not to be left in the cold.