Kiwis flood to NZ's luckiest Lotto shop ahead of $42 million draw

Kiwis have been flocking to the country's luckiest Lotto store hoping to pick up a winning ticket for this week's big draw.

A massive $42 million is up for grabs in Powerball on Wednesday, the second-largest prize in the game's history.

Unichem Stortford Lodge Pharmacy in Hastings has had 49 first-division wins so far, and staff are hoping to play a part in making another Kiwi a millionaire this week.

"We've done 49 of them and we're just waiting for that 50 to come along," Kim, a staff member, told Newshub. "Wouldn't it be wonderful, just to change someone's life."

She says the shop has been flooded with punters hoping some of the shop's good luck will rub off on them.

"It's unbelievable how busy it is. We've had queues to the door, it's constant. People are buying not just one ticket but an extra ticket - just in case that's their lucky ticket."

Kim says she has a good feeling about tonight.

"I'd be really happy for someone if they won that much money. It would be really life-changing for them. And just to know that you handed over that lucky winning ticket."

As well as regulars, she says they've had people coming in who have never played before.

Powerball's first-division prize was last won on December 28, when someone walked away with more than $17 million. Since then, however, it is has continued to roll over, with the prize getting higher every week.

According to experts, it would be possible for the winner of Wednesday's jackpot to earn an annual income of more than $800,000 by doing absolutely nothing and merely putting the money in the bank and living off the interest accrued each year.

The second luckiest Lotto shop in New Zealand is Richmond Night n Day in Nelson, which has sold 34 winning tickets.