Lotto: $44m winners' advice for tonight's $50m champ

"Don't have a heart attack."

That's the advice from a young couple who won New Zealand's previous biggest Powerball jackpot.

Kiwis around the country are dreaming about what it would be like to win Saturday night's massive $50m prize - but the Hibiscus Coast pair already know the feeling after taking home $44 million in 2016.

Lotto NZ has spoken to them since their big win, and they have some good advice for future big winners.

"First of all, don't have a heart attack! That's the most important thing to remember," laughs one of the winners.

"But seriously, my best piece of advice is to remember to eat and sleep in the first two weeks. It's the little things like that that are easy to forget in the early days after a big win.

"Finally, the best thing we did was get good financial advice. Make sure they're on the same wavelength as you and go into the conversation with a good idea of what you want to do long-term."

Then there's the big question of how to celebrate! The $44 million winners have this advice.

"Get all the family you want to tell together and let them know the good news straight away - it's so nice having people to talk to as you get your head around it," they say.

"If you're planning on giving gifts, explain the 'what and 'how' to them upfront so everyone is on the same page. Sharing the winnings is most of the fun - it's a moment you'll never forget."

Ticket sales close at 7:30pm - so get in before the cut-off for your chance to win.