Lotto Powerball not won: Jackpot increases again

Lotto Powerball's $42 million jackpot has failed to find a winner and will now increase again.

Tonight's Powerball numbers were: 2, 3, 8, 21, 30, 33. Bonus Ball: 13. Powerball: 6.

But there were still some winners tonight with five second division winners who each won $28,152 and 105 third division winners who get to take home $1118.

Powerball has now gone almost two months without a big winner and it could now become the largest Powerball prize ever when it rolls over for Saturday's draw.

The current largest win is $44 million, which an Auckland Hibiscus Coast couple won in November 2016 from Dairy Flat Food Mart and Liquor.

The second-largest win came from One Step Ahead in Auckland for $33 million in 2013.

A total of 16 multi-millionaires were made with Powerball in 2019, with an average winning amount of $12.8 million. Powerball first division has been won 184 times.