Revealed: Lucky Lotto outlets ahead of $42m Powerball

Lotto Powerball tickets
Which Lotto stores might produce a winning ticket? Photo credit: Newshub.

Wednesday's $42 million Lotto Jackpot draw is the second-largest in history - and for people who buy their tickets in store, where they buy that important piece of yellow paper could make all the difference.

Marie Winfield, head of communications at Lotto New Zealand, says keen Lotto players could find it handy to know which outlets have produced winning tickets in the past.

"We know that many Lotto players love to buy their tickets at lucky stores in their region and some even drive considerable distances to make sure they buy from a lucky store," Winfield says.

Lotto New Zealand has provided a list of the New Zealand's luckiest Lotto stores below.

Luckiest Lotto stores around New Zealand (first division):

Photo credit: Supplied.
One of these 'lucky' Lotto outlets might produce a winning ticket.
One of these 'lucky' Lotto outlets might produce a winning ticket. Photo credit: Supplied.

A total of 16 multi-millionaires were made with Powerball in 2019, with an average winning amount of $12.8 million.

Powerball first division has been won 184 times. The largest-ever Powerball win was made in November 2016, when a Hibiscus Coast couple won $44 million from a ticket they purchased from Dairy Flat Food Mart and Liquor.

"Like all lotteries, our games are based on a large number of people paying a small amount of money in the hope of winning a small number of large prizes.

"At all times, Lotto encourages customers to play responsibly: this is about having fun, being informed and knowing your limits," Winfield says.

As queues are likely, Lotto encourages players to allow plenty of time to buy their tickets before the draw closes at 7:30pm on Wednesday.