ASB latest New Zealand company to pay all staff living wage

All ASB workers will now be paid $21.15 an hour, making it the latest company to be recognised as an accredited Living Wage employer.

ASB has paid its own employees this for "some time" says executive manager Robyn Worthington, but this will now extend to its contractors. 

"Our people are what make ASB the organisation that it is - and making sure they are paid a fair wage is important to us," she says in a statement on Monday.

This means security guards, cleaners and other contractors will all receive the wage. 

"Paying the living wage is simply the right thing to do and we're incredibly proud to have this recognised by Living Wage Aotearoa (LWA)," says Worthington. 

LWA's coordinator Felicia Scherrer congratulates ASB on its decision.

"ASB joins more than 170 companies across New Zealand that are now accredited Living Wage employers," she says on Monday.

"We know it's good for workers, good for business and good for the economy." 

Research shows paying workers more leads to a reduction in staff turnover, higher productivity and better mental health. 

The Living Wage is assessed annually by the New Zealand Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit.

It takes into account basic expenses like food costs, transportation, housing and childcare and is updated in line with wage increases.