Coronavirus: Warning from police about COVID-19 results scam

Scammers are continuing to take advantage of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis - the latest a pre-recorded phone message telling people they have tested positive.

It has resulted in a reminder from police that Kiwis need to "stand together" against not only the pandemic, but scammers as well.

A post on the Waikato Police Facebook page says the latest scam involves a pre-recorded voicemail that claims people's coronavirus test results have come back as positive, and they need to send their credit card details to receive medication.

"Healthcare professionals will never ask for your credit card details over the phone," police said.

"We might be isolated but we can still stand together as a community and unite against the virus and any scams that come along with it."

The Ministry of Health has said cybercriminals also take advantage of situations such as COVID-19.

On Friday, NetSafe chief executive Martin Cocker said he urged Kiwis to use critical thinking skills. His comments came after reports of other scams including websites selling fake "medical-grade masks", as well as emails from people pretending to be from the World Health Organization