Coronavirus: Cyclists' activity soars during lockdown

If you've been cycling more than ever during lockdown, well you're not alone.

With the roads almost empty, there's been a significant increase in the number of Kiwis getting on their bikes.

And it looks like the cycling industry will financially benefit long after the lockdown ends.

People have been bursting their domestic bubbles in one of the few ways they're actually allowed to - cycling.

If you're going to look at anecdotal evidence alone, you can see the tenfold increase of bums on bike seats.

But the evidence goes further than that.

"Prior to lockdown, it was like Christmas but times two," says Kevin Lee, from Papanui Cycles.

"The demand for bikes, the demand for accessories, people picking up repairs was absolutely huge, I've never seen it like that before."

Bike dealers around the country say even during lockdown when they can't trade there's been an enormous surge in enquiries online and by the phone.

TradeMe says although New Zealanders aren't allowed to buy or sell bikes under alert level 4, it certainly hasn't stopped them looking. In the last week alone there were nearly half a million searches for bikes.

It's a pattern mirrored overseas where cycle stores in the US and Australia, which still are allowed to open, have soared in business.

"I think it's just an opportunity for families especially to get out and about," one cyclist told Newshub.

And the roads are quieter so people are happy to take their small children out cycling.

"That's probably why lots of people are out on their bikes, because it's safer."

The industry believes the cycling trend will continue upwards as people shy away from public transport and realise in an economic downturn it's a cheap way to travel.