Coronavirus: Lockdown has changed the way Kiwis will work forever - business innovation leader

  • 24/04/2020

With COVID-19 alert level 4 due to come to an end, the boss of a New Zealand business innovation company believes lockdown could have changed the way Kiwis will work forever.

Many people have thrived in work-from-home environments and Callaghan Innovation chief executive Vic Crone says many Kiwis have also adapted to forms of technology they may not have before the pandemic.

"We've really got quite used to being in our homes and working really effectively with other people around New Zealand to still get a lot of things done," she told Paul Henry on Thursday's edition of Rebuilding Paradise.

She said part of that is down to good connectivity.

"We're a top-10 broadband country," she said. "There is so much more that we are able to do on our broadband network in New Zealand that will help move our economy."

Watch the full interview above.