Coronavirus: New poll reveals what Kiwis want to do once lockdown lifted

Kiwis have revealed what they want to do most when the lockdown is lifted - and some huge surges are projected.

According to the Horizon Research poll, in the first six months there will be a giant spike for fast food outlets, hardware stores, garden centres and cafes - with Kiwis also keen for a road trip after more than a month indoors.

In the retail sector, the number using petrol stations will jump from 43 percent of adults to 82 percent (from 1,553,200 people to an estimated 2,930,100 people).

Kiwis appear keen to get back into their DIY, with the number using hardware stores predicted to lift from 4 percent during the lockdown to 52 percent (151,000 now, rising to 1,876,600).

Gardening centres too will see a resurgence, going from 3 percent to 44 percent - an increase of 1,478,000 people.

Supermarkets - which have remained open throughout the level 4 lockdown - will continue to lead, rising just 3 percent from 86 to 89 percent.

The biggest increases will be other food and drink suppliers like cafes, restaurants, bakeries and fast food businesses.

Cafes rank seventh for intended visits: 51 percent of adults say they will use a café - or around 1,837,200 adults.

Just over 2 million say they will visit the takeaways, and around 1.37 million are keen to hit up a liquor store.


Travel will see a return, with more than a million intending to take domestic holidays and road trips.

  • 29 percent, or around 1,053,000 adults, will go on a domestic holiday
  • 33 percent, or around 1,175,700 would go on New Zealand road trips
  • 19 percent, or around 697,000 adults, would definitely take domestic flights

Sports and events

There will also be a resurgence in the numbers attending sports events, funerals, weddings and events.

The percentage of people visiting the movies will jump from 2 percent to 31 percent - 1,110,900 people. Around half as many (517,700) are keen to return to the gym - an increase from 1 to 14 percent.

Sports events will see attendance increase from 1 to 17 percent while weddings will go from 1 to 16 percent.

Horizon polled 1267 people between April 9-14 intended to represent the adult population. At a 95 percent confidence level, the maximum margin of error is ±2.8 percent.