Coronavirus: Poll shows majority of New Zealanders want to stay in isolation

New research shows the majority of New Zealanders want to stay in isolation after alert level 4 restrictions are lifted.

The Horizon Research survey found 57 percent of adults - over a million workers - say they will definitely or most likely stay isolated.


  • 12 percent (an estimated 427,800 adults) said they would definitely stay in isolation. This included 131,200 full-time workers and 44,700 part-time workers
  • 45 percent (an estimated 1,603,500 adults) said they would most likely stay in isolation. This included 639,300 full-time workers (44 percent) and 281,300 part-time workers (45 percent)
  • 34 percent (an estimated 1,222,400 adults) say they are unlikely to stay in isolation. This includes an esteemed 599,000 full-time workers (38 percent) and 227,700 part-time workers (29 percent)

Horizon says this could have an impact on businesses waiting to open again who need staff to work from their premises.

Coronavirus: Poll shows majority of New Zealanders want to stay in isolation
Photo credit: Horizon Research / Supplied

Horizon polled 1267 people between April 7-12 intended to represent the adult population. At a 95 percent confidence level, the maximum margin of error is ±2.8 percent.

When will alert level 4 end?

The coronavirus alert level 4 lockdown will finish at 11:59pm on Monday, April 27, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday, April 20.

New Zealand will then switch to the lighter alert level 3, which will run for two weeks with the goal of moving to alert level 2 after this.

Alert level 3 will allow roughly half a million people to return to work, as long as they can exercise physical distancing and help to reduce COVID-19 from spreading.

Kiwis will also be able to order takeout food online. But you will not be able to go to the gym, get a haircut or go out on your boat.

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