Coronavirus: The simple flowchart that tells you your COVID-19 rights in New Zealand

After creeping up slowly on New Zealand for months, coronavirus pounced with devastating effect last month, causing a major health crisis and decimating our economy.

The resulting impacts on businesses and employees have been immense already, with thousands of Kiwis losing their jobs or taking pay cuts in the last few weeks alone.

The Government has acted quickly - businesses have been handed wage subsidies, employees encouraged to work from home, and those out of work offered improved benefits.

But as is often the case when new legislation comes into effect, it's not immediately clear what your rights are if you're a worker who's been impacted by COVID-19.

Thankfully Community Law, an organisation that provides free legal advice, has developed a flowchart that makes sense of your employment situation in this new, coronavirus-addled world.

The chart is below. Can't see it? Click here.

The coronavirus outbreak has had a major effect on New Zealand. As of Monday evening, there are 1107 cases of the disease here. One person has died, and 13 people are in hospital.