Nick Mowbray gives new entrepreneurs tips to start a business after COVID-19 pandemic

If you've found a new business idea you want to chase after lockdown lifts but you're new to running a company, a Kiwi entrepreneur suggests you jump right in and "start doing it".

Co-founder of Zuru Toys Nick Mowbray says while it depends on what your idea is, you also "just have to try" it to see if it'll work.

"I would always say start with research. Start to look whether your idea has been done before, start to look at whether there's competition for your idea," he said during an interview on Rebuilding Paradise with Paul Henry.

But once the research stage is complete, then "you more or less just have to start doing it".

"There's lots of people sitting at home right now without jobs. [You can] reach out to different people to get them to help collaborate on your idea. You just have to try and start," Mowbray says.

Watch his full interview with Paul Henry above.