$20 million MediaWorks fund gives free advertising space to COVID-19-affected businesses, organisations

UPDATE: Applications for the MediaWorks MediaFund have now closed. If you have any further queries please contact mediafund@mediaworks.co.nz

A multimillion-dollar advertising fund launched by MediaWorks is giving a helping hand to businesses and organisations affected by COVID-19.

The $20 million MediaWorks MediaFund will give free advertising space across the company's national and local markets to a range of small and medium-sized businesses, community organisations and new brands feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

"COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on businesses across New Zealand," said Glen Kyne, MediaWorks commercial director. 

"The MediaWorks MediaFund is designed to support and stimulate those businesses as well as the New Zealand economy in the coming months."

Kyne said MediaWorks - as well as the whole media industry - had been greatly impacted by the pandemic, with a large part of advertising revenue disappearing after the lockdown began in late March.

The effects on the industry have been widely reported, with representatives of many of the main outlets addressing the Epidemic Response Committee earlier this month.

The Government has announced a short-term support package to help companies survive the immediate economic impacts of COVID-19 but many have concerns over what the future may bring. 

Kyne said despite the difficulties facing the industry, MediaWorks has an opportunity to do something positive and help businesses across the country.

"The idea was to use the ad space that we have available over the next three months, put it together in a fund and make it available to New Zealand-owned small businesses around the country," he told The AM Show on Friday.

"If they can keep going and keep growing then we all win."

The fund is available for small and medium-sized businesses that are open for business or able to trade online, as well as start-up businesses that meet the criteria. 

Interested businesses are encouraged to reach out to their local MediaWorks office or visit www.mediafund.co.nz to apply.