COVID-19: Swimming pool sales spike as Kiwis look for ways to holiday at home

It appears the hottest item in town is now a swimming pool.

Manufacturers and retailers are noticing a sharp spike in enquiries and sales since the COVID-19 lockdown as Kiwis look for ways to holiday at home

Tuesday was a cloudy, cold Christchurch winter's day but manufacturing company Bermuda Pools was running red-hot.

"Our orders have probably gone up three-fold," company general manager David Mayell told Newshub.

It's a similar story at Mayfair Pools.

"I'm going through five to six appointments a week which are clients I haven't seen before, so that's new territory," sales manager Chris Thelin said.

Winter is usually Mayfair's quiet season - not this year.

"Trips are cancelled - they're looking to consolidate at home. [They're thinking] 'what if this happens again' and whether they're a young family or an older generation, they want to be able to enjoy what they have at home," he said.

Trade Me is also noticing a 70 percent increase in online searches for homes with pools and searches for pool manufacturers were up 36 percent last week,

"Kiwis would have spent a lot of time at home during [the] lockdown," Trade Me marketplace spokesperson Millie Silvester said.

"They've probably taken a good hard look at their house and maybe decided it's time to upgrade, and that a pool would be a really nice accessory."