Small Business Driver to help mobilise Kiwi small businesses

  • 04/06/2020
  • Sponsored by - Toyota

Small businesses impacted COVID-19 can now receive help from a 'Small Business Driver'.

Toyota, in partnership with the Mediaworks MediaFund, wants small businesses to keep moving after lockdown - with the use of a Toyota Highlander for a year and a radio advertising campaign.

There are 100 of these packages to be given away and businesses can nominate themselves here.

Any small business with less than 20 employees can apply online (they also need to have received the government’s wage subsidy). Entries are open until June 9.

Small businesses account for around 98% of all NZ businesses and are the backbone of the NZ economy. They currently need a lot of support from Kiwi consumers, the government and other larger businesses.

Toyota and MediaWorks both appreciate the support they have received from small business customers in the past and want to help with their financial situation now as they struggle during the economic impact of the pandemic.

Toyota New Zealand Executive Andrew Davis says so many small business owners will be affected by COVID-19. "We thought how can we help them?"

"We’re sitting on an inventory of Toyota Highlanders, so we can harness our own resources and give small business the use of 100 Highlanders for 12 months.

"We’re looking to help small businesses with fewer than 20 employees who have been impacted by COVID, are struggling and could do with some help," he says.

Toyota has become a reliable and trusted part of the NZ landscape with many loyal small business customers over the decades.

"A quarter of all vehicles in New Zealand have the Toyota brand, so these vehicles are part of everyday Kiwi life - ranging from vans, utes to medium and small cars, from the school run to couriers, tradies and on the farm.

"We’d like to help a selection of businesses across New Zealand - all different types from classic, traditional, unique, sole traders, real estate agents, recent IT or food start-ups, tradies, florists and owner-operator businesses.

"We recognise the government and Kiwi people are already supporting small local businesses, but large businesses should also do what they can to help too, so that’s why we’re giving back," Davis says.

An independent selection panel has been assembled by Toyota and MediaWorks to select the 100 small businesses to be a recipient of a Highlander and the radio advertising campaign.

Mediaworks Head of Direct Sales Tim Lockhart will be one of the four judges, (alongside Marc Ellis, Kirk Hope and Isobel Kerr-Newell) 

"The panel will obviously be looking for businesses deeply impacted through the lockdown period, but also those we believe can genuinely benefit from the initiative and are able to leverage the opportunity to accelerate their business through the upcoming 12 months."

"When we heard about Toyota's fantastic idea to support small businesses impacted by COVID 19, we knew we had to get involved somehow.

"It was quickly agreed we would commit $1 million dollars of our Mediaworks MediaFund to the initiative. There is no better way to get small business moving than with a Toyota Highlander, and a bespoke media campaign," Lockhart says.

"Small businesses are the backbone of New Zealand and the Mediaworks customer base. Small businesses have always been heavy users and supporters of our radio, digital and out of home products. This is our time to do everything we can to support them through the economic uncertainty ahead. We are staunch supporters of locally owned SME businesses, with specialist media teams proudly operating in 22 cities and towns across New Zealand."

This article is created for Toyota and Mediaworks