COVID-19: New Zealand economy 'not out of the woods yet' - economist Brad Olsen

There's been some encouraging economic news lately - but are things bouncing back to normal or is it just a phase?

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the New Zealand economy is coming back "quicker than people expected", and according to EFTPOS company Paymark Kiwis are spending more post-lockdown than they were this time last year.

However some analysts warn our small remote and open trading economy could be vulnerable to a global recession.

Infometrics senior economist Brad Olsen says the economic outlook is "finely balanced" for now - and while there is room for cautious optimism, we're still in a "wait and see period".

"Once things start to deteriorate further we are going to see more job losses. We're not out of the woods yet," he says.

"Once the actual economic realities start to hit, I think a lot of Kiwis are going to realise there's still a lot of strife out there moving forward."

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