How best to invest if you win Lotto

On Monday 10 lucky New Zealanders woke up a whopping $5 million richer, thanks to a massive $50 million Lotto draw split between them. 

But what should you do if you suddenly come into such a huge amount of cash? Wealth advisor Nick Crawford says initially you should do nothing.

"Make sure you have your winning ticket and the money and then I would say, don't do very much."

"For the first few weeks and maybe even a couple of months just try and get yourself used to this new situation," he told The AM Show on Monday.

One of the things Crawford says people should do if they win big is pay off their mortgages - but after that sit tight.

"Just put it in a high-interest term deposit and work out what you want to do before you quit your job or move house or something like that.

"Five million is hard to win but easy to lose - so take your time."