Lotto $50 million Powerball: Numbers drawn for staggering jackpot

The numbers for Saturday night's staggering $50 million Lotto Powerball draw have just been revealed.

They are 8, 23, 27, 21, 12, 22. Bonus: 16. Powerball: 1

If a single player wins it will be the largest Powerball win in Lotto's history.

And as it's a must-win draw, if no one wins first division, the jackpot will roll to second (then third) division. If there's more than one winner, they'll have equal dibs on the prize.

"It's guaranteed that one or more lucky Kiwis are going to win big on Saturday, even if the prize is split," Lotto spokesperson Marie Winfield said. "We can't wait to meet our new millionaire or millionaires."

If you did take home the full amount, how would you spend it? Newshub asked some Kiwis, would you give away part of your $50 million? 

First a dream or two:

"I would go to where Mamma Mia is filmed on a holiday… yes, Greece" says a pair.

But, well, Kiwis are a good bunch.

"Yeah, [I'd] donate some."

"Give it away to charity."

"I would buy a St John ambulance."

That wish list will be a reality for someone if their numbers come up.