Lotto $50 million Powerball: Would you keep it or donate to charity?

Lotto has once again reached a historic prize amount, with an astounding $50 million up for grabs in a Must Win Draw on Saturday night.

If a single player wins it will be the largest Powerball win in Lotto's history. 

In just over an hour the balls will roll out in the Must Win Draw. Even if the prize is split, one or more Kiwis are going to win big.

"For this draw we're seeing about fifty percent of our sales online which is bigger than we've ever seen before," says Marie Winfield, the head of communications at Lotto NZ.

So let's do the old 'what we would do with fifty million' and, in the times we are living in, 'how could we help others with that money'.

You can still be selfish first up, pop $10 million in your bank account, get one luxurious item like a $750,000 Porsche and you'd still be left with nearly $40 million dollars.

You could then give $20 million to KidsCan, who tell us for that money they could give shoes, a raincoat and lunches to over 33,000 underprivileged preschoolers for an entire year.

You are now still left with $19 million dollars.

So you could take $10 million of that to your local City Mission.

"That would run our alcohol and drug work for the next three and a half years. It would run our learning and development space and our work readiness programmes for the next fifty years," says Matthew Mark, Christchurch City Missioner.

And after all that, you've still got $9 million left, which you could potentially buy an entire news organisation for.

Or give that to charity, too.

"It's a huge amount of money. Man, the good you could do with that is amazing," Mark says.

So we asked some Kiwis, would you give away part of your $50 million? 

First a dream or two:

"I would go to where Mamma Mia is filmed on a holiday… yes, Greece" says a pair.

But, well, Kiwis are a good bunch.

"Yeah, [I'd] donate some."

"Give it away to charity."

"I would buy a St John ambulance."

That wish list will be a reality for someone in just over an hour.