Lotto: Powerball jackpot gets bigger after another week without winners

Nobody won the monster Lotto jackpot on Saturday night, the Powerball rolling over to a whopping $34 million on Wednesday.

The numbers were 7, 22, 24, 34, 16 and 31. The Bonus ball was 20 and the Powerball was 2.

High jackpots capture the imagination of Kiwis all around the country and we know Kiwis will be dreaming about what they would do if they won $34 million with Powerball on Wednesday," said Lotto's Marie Winfield.

"We’re expecting Lotto stores around the country to be busy, so players should get in early to make sure they’re in to win."

First division without the Powerball was split two ways, gamblers from Pukekohe and Christchurch taking home $500,000 each. 

Strike Four was also split in half, $250,000 each going to punters in Tauranga and Otago.

Ahead of Saturday's draw, Lotto said it's made 943 people millionaires in its 33-year history - including 28 this year.

There have been 191 Powerball winners since its introduction in 2001, the biggest win coming in November 2016 - $44.1 million.