Lotto Powerball: Players reveal who could share their $50 million fortune

The Lotto Powerball $50 million jackpot must be won on Saturday.
The Lotto Powerball $50 million jackpot must be won on Saturday. Photo credit: Supplied: TracyHemingway/Lotto.

One lucky winner - maybe several - is set to win a huge bucket of cash as Saturday's $50  million Lotto Powerball draw has got to be won.   

With that amount of money, the winner could afford to help out family and friends. They could even make a lump sum donation to their favourite charity.

Money-savvy Kiwis told Newshub that if they won, their loved ones would benefit. But they're specific about what, and how much, they'd get.

Michael Robinson, a partner at Auckland law firm Turner Hopkins, said as an unexpected windfall can feel "euphoric" the winner should get advice early.

"People in these circumstances can become instantly quite popular with friends, family and partners (or potential partners) wanting to receive financial gain," he said.

Big on repaying debt, Tracy Hemingway at Debt Free Diva said if the odds fell in her favour, she'd help others. But she wouldn't give cash.

"I'd gift investments... as much as this wouldn't be as fun, I want to help create financial freedom to those that are closest to me." 

'The KiwiSaver' on Instagram said if she won Lotto, she'd keep it under wraps.

 "If I'm the lucky winner this weekend, I would tell almost no one."

She would put money aside for family members, get her best friend out of her "cold rental" and help animals in need.

"Having the capacity to help out others in emergencies or doing it tough would be very satisfying... I'd share the winnings, but it would be in a very organised manner, under the guidance of professional help."

Accountant Dave Smith said wherever there's a big draw, he's compelled to buy a ticket. If he got lucky, he'd give away $12 million.

"I'd be looking at giving away $2 million each to six different family members. 

"I'd then pay off all remaining debt and wait a month or two before deciding what to do."

Each line has a one in 38.3 million chance of winning. As Saturday's $50 million Powerball jackpot must be won, if no one wins first division, the jackpot will roll to second (then third) division. If there's more than one winner, they'll have equal dibs on the prize.

"It's guaranteed that one or more lucky Kiwis are going to win big on Saturday, even if the prize is split," Lotto spokesperson Marie Winfield said. "We can't wait to meet our new millionaire or millionaires."

If that $50 million became yours, would you share the winnings?