Lotto: What to do if you win the $38 million Powerball jackpot tonight

$38 million dollars is up for grabs in Saturday's Lotto draw with hundreds of thousands of Kiwis 'getting in it to win it'.

But in our post-COVID economy is it a win we should save? Or splash?

If you can't travel overseas, what do you do with $38 million dollars? Kiwis Newshub spoke to suggested travel, giving money away to family and buying houses.

But since you'd be a multi-millionaire, let's think a bit bigger.

With tonight's prize money and an extra $2 million from the bank, an island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf could be yours.

You could own 19 new McLaren Senna LMs, or spend the next 16 years living in New Zealand's most expensive penthouse suite.

But before you go splashing it, financial advisor Martin Hawes has some advice.

"I think the person who wins it should do nothing, tell no one and think," he tells Newshub.

Well, for at least the first six months. It's sensible advice for the many Kiwis lining up for a post-COVID windfall.

"We've had queues out the doors in some of our stores. Ticket sales are expected to be around 1.5 million," says Lotto's head of communications Marie Winfield.

And while most have flocked to lucky Lotto stores like Hastings and Dairy Flat, there's a new town that's printed more than its fair share of golden tickets.

"The one thing that we're finding really interesting right now is the little town of Temuka in the South Island is on a winning streak," Winfield says.

"They're having a lot of wins - they've already had three first division wins this year alone."

But winner beware. Hawes says to keep it quiet because you're more likely to be hit up for a hand out in our post-COVID economy.

And those low-interest rates mean the bank isn't the best place for all of those millions.

"You need to spread it far and wide. You might buy a few rental properties, you'll buy some shares, you'll get some money offshore," Hawes says.

But you've got to actually win it first. Here's hoping!