NZ health tech company earns rare European certification

A New Zealand health tech company is among the first in the world to earn a rare European certification.

Christchurch-based organisation Enztec manufactures orthopaedic surgical devices with global demand.

"We sell those to international companies. They are used in New Zealand a lot, but we are about international supply chain," CEO Iain McMillan told Newshub.

Now the company has just earned the sought-after Medical Device Regulation (MDR) certification which is recognised around the world.

Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce CEO Leann Watson says it is "incredibly positive" to see a local business performing so well in their field, particularly internationally.

"This is an organisation that is world-renowned for achieving this status that many others across the world have not managed to do yet."

Established in 1992, Enztec has seen the most growth in the last five years - and despite COVID-19, the company's grown 30 percent in 2020 alone. 

"Enztec is one company that has really used that lockdown time as an opportunity to leapfrog ahead of their competitors, so they've been very strategic," Watson said.

The company has recently relocated to a new factory that's three times the size of their previous site, and they have also bought $3 million worth of equipment in the past two years.

Demand is also not expected to slow down any time soon, with an ageing population expected to need knee and hip replacements.

"As the baby boomer generation comes through - also people as they age, have a higher expectation to be active in society," McMillan said.

"Our job is to make sure they get a hip replacement that lasts to make sure the surgeon can do the best job."

They are making the tools which are being put to "great" use by surgeons keeping people active.