Ryan Bridge: The housing market is outrageous - but Jacinda Ardern is stuck between a rock and a hard place

OPINION: The housing market is all anyone is talking about right now, particularly if you're in my age bracket - people who are trying to get a foot on the property ladder, but are just being shut out. 

And not because they're not saving, not because they're eating too much avocado on toast, not because they're buying too many lattes, whatever it might be.

They're not doing all those things and they're still not getting on the property ladder - because prices are, just frankly, out of control. 

A 20 percent jump in the median house price in the last year is outrageous. So what's going to be done about it? 

Well, the Prime Minister is kind of between a rock and a hard place. She's probably not going to do much about it at all.

In fact, I recently bought a property, friends of mine are trying to buy a property at the moment - and they're going to end up paying possibly $200,000 more than what I would've paid, just because I bought it a few months earlier. 

It's not fair. What can the Prime Minister do about it? 

I'm not trying to start 'let's squash the housing market' because once you've got one, you want prices to keep going up - but I'm just interested to know what the people are feeling and thinking about housing.

Ryan Bridge is the fill-in host of The AM Show.