Lotto: Massive $19 million win up for grabs

A massive Lotto win of $19 million is up for grabs this Boxing Day.
A massive Lotto win of $19 million is up for grabs this Boxing Day. Photo credit: Supplied - Lotto

Feeling a bit out of pocket after blowing the bank at Boxing Day sales? Not to worry! Lotto has a massive $19 million jackpot up for grabs.

The $19.2 million prize pool is made up of $18 million available to win through Powerball, a Lotto first division jackpot of $1 million and a $200,000 Strike prize.

The prize will be drawn at 7:30pm on Boxing Day.

Powerball has been rolling over for a month now. After the $16 million Big Wednesday draw on December 23 was not struck, the prize jackpotted to today's $18 million.  

One lucky punter won a Christmas cash booster on December 16, walking away with $1 million from first division and another with $500,000 on December 19. 

If Powerball is drawn today it will follow several big wins seen throughout the year.

Ten lucky winners took away $5 million each in the biggest draw of the year, sharing a Powerball jackpot of $50 million in August.

In November $9 million was won in Blenheim, $4.3 million in Auckland during September, and $10.5 million in Christchurch also in September.

Lotto turned 21 Kiwis into millionaires within the first 21 weeks of 2020, 16 millionaires winning their fortune through Lotto and Strike while five multi-millionaires won through Powerball.  

One lucky winner was a Hamilton man in may who won $10.3 million after losing his job due to the pandemic.