GameStop stock: Man buys 'suck my nuts' banner, has it flown over Robinhood headquarters

A US man hired a pilot to fly a banner reading "suck my nuts" above investment app Robinhood's San Francisco headquarters amid a Reddit-driven frenzy that's driven shares up 1500 percent in two weeks.

Shares of GameStop, a US-based video game retailer, have soared since the start of January - driven by individual investors, many motivated by commentary on online places such as the WallStreetBets subreddit, who have been stuck at home for the past 10 months. 

Controversially, Robinhood restricted trading in several social media-driven stocks as a result, including GameStop.

After some Redditors bought billboards - including one in New York's Times Square insisting they won't sell - one man has taken it a step further with a "suck my nuts Robinhood" banner.

Kaspar Povilanskas said on Twitter he hired a pilot to fly the banner in circles above Robinhood's headquarters.

"I can't believe Robinhood could see this from their front window," he wrote, accompanied with an image of the banner.  

Meanwhile, a digital ad spotted in Times Square read "$GME GO BRRR". "$GME" refers to GameStop's stock ticker symbol while "Brrr" symbolises the sound of a money-printing machine.

Reddit user 'Psatta', who hired the billboard for US$18, told The New York Post he did it to support the stock and make people smile. 

"I'm considering running another but want to see how the sentiment is on Monday," he said.

The GameStop movement has so far led to billions of dollars in losses for Wall Street hedge fund titans, some of which have needed to be bailed out.

Many see it as revenge for the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008, where hedge funds sought to profit from mortgage defaults, contributing to a meltdown in the whole financial sector.

Reuters / Newshub.