GameStop stock: WallStreetBets billboard appears in Auckland

The billboard in the suburb of Greenlane.
The billboard in the suburb of Greenlane. Photo credit: ethan42 / Reddit

A billboard featuring the WallStreetBets (WSB) logo and slogan has made it all the way to New Zealand, amid a viral Reddit-driven investment frenzy in recent weeks.

The WSB Reddit forum rose to prominence after commentary by individual investors in the group, many of whom were stuck at home for the past 10 months, caused shares of US-based video game retailer GameStop to soar last month.

Now a banner, "to the moon" accompanied with rocket emojis, has popped up in the Auckland suburb of Greenlane. "To the moon" is a rallying cry on WSB that members use to express their belief that a stock will rise significantly. 

"When r/WSB bleeds through to reality as far away as New Zealand you know we're in for more than just memes and loss porn," wrote the Reddit user who shared an image of the billboard.

"Omg this is awesome," said another.

WSB billboards started popping up in the US earlier this week after investment app Robinhood controversially restricted trading in several social media stocks, including GameStop. The shares have since fallen.

"Our darkest hour," read one post by Reddit user kigfik, who claimed to be still holding the stock. Another user, Cinther, posted of buying at $390, also still holding despite having "lost so much that I don't even care anymore".

One man even hired a pilot to fly a banner reading "suck my nuts Robinhood" above the investment app's Robinhood headquarters.

Robinhood, one of the most popular easy-access online broker apps, recorded 2.1 million downloads last week in the US.

Reuters / Newshub.