One of Wellington's original tiny houses up for sale for first time in over a century

There might be a housing crisis but how small would you go?

That's the question for Wellington buyers now that a house thought to be the capital's original tiny home is up for sale for the first time in over a century.

Potential buyers lining up to get a look in at one of Wellington's smallest open homes.

"It's done up beautifully," one says.

Quite small indeed, the 44-square-metre cottage sits on Tinakori Road in Thorndon - where it's thought to have been built in the 1860s.

That means it could have been the first tiny house in the city.

"The records get a little murky when you get back that far but there are records that show it was an original cottage for the farmlands around here," says agent Mike Robbers.

What was once farmland is now a busy street with the Prime Minister's house just over the road.

"That's a bit of a factor aye, haven't seen her yet but we are hopeful," Robbers says.

The cottage was first bought for £199 in 1899, now the RV is $700,000.

It was Paul Duignan's great-grandmother who purchased the place 122 years ago, and it's been in the family ever since. Now they're getting ready to say goodbye.

"It's really a historic moment," he says.

Robbers suspects the size might rule out first home buyers.

"The interest we have so far is people that want to use it as Airbnb or as a studio," he says.

Duignan hopes whoever buys the tiny house holds onto it for over a century too.

"Who knows what Thordon will be like in 122 years from now but yeah that would be great."

This tiny house could have a new owner in a matter of days as tenders close on Thursday.