First home buyer helped into new home with good financial advice

Rosemarie Leilua and her family in front of their Wattle Downs home.
Rosemarie Leilua and her family in front of their Wattle Downs home.

Together with her family, Rosemarie Leilua is now the proud first time owner of a stylish two-bedroom new home in Wattle Downs.

"We were really determined to buy a home," she says. "We saved money and put it aside for a house, and then realised we could use our KiwiSaver to help."

"We looked around for a while and ended up putting an offer on a KiwiBuild home in Wattle Downs, which ended up being well within our budget."

Mike Pero Mortgage Adviser Lance Mulu helped the family through their first home buying journey.

"Lance came and met us in our home. My husband’s cousin recommended him as they had gone through him to buy a home, and suggested we give him a call. He showed us a piece of paper which explained everything step by step - what you need to do, how it all works, and from our income a rough estimate and how to pull together a ballpark offer. Everything was explained clearly on that piece of paper."

Rosemarie says they were really determined to buy their first home. "While the image or vision may be a three bedroom home on a big property, you actually have to think smart and realistically about what you can afford."

"You need to live within your means and be comfortable, and I think that’s what we’ve done. Also I think this may not be our forever home, but for the moment it does the job and is good enough for now."

"We never imagined we’d be in a new build, but our home was affordable because it was a KiwiBuild home," she says.

"I think we’ll be here for around three years, and the children are young enough to share a room now. It’s a low maintenance home and easy to clean. And the kids have all their jobs to do around the house."

The family had been living with Rosemarie’s mum for nine years and rented for many years as well. They even lived in Australia for nine months, and while they found the living cheaper across the ditch, they missed close family in New Zealand so decided to return.

Rosemarie advises others to do their research beforehand, speak to an expert, and other alternatives are definitely within reach.

"We’ve been dreaming about this forever and we deserve to live in a home like this," she says. "We’re lucky to be independent and have a nice house that’s all ours."

Lance says most of his clients are first home buyers. "I just provide them with a road map - and help them put the pieces of the puzzle together. I understand how much of a challenge buying a first home can be."

Lance also highlights how with the right help, getting your first home can be made easier. "With a mortgage adviser, buying a home doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated and having someone who you can trust guiding you through that process is so important and can be the difference to achieving your goal."

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