Auckland real estate agent offers year's worth of free avo-toast to sell property

An Auckland real estate agent has found a uniquely Millennial way to sell a property: chuck in a year's worth of free avocado on toast.

The townhouse originally failed to sell at auction, but with the delicious sweetener thrown in, two first-home buyers are finally on the ladder.

Every Millennial has heard it: 'you'll never afford a house if you keep buying avocado on toast.'

But Ray White Remuera real estate agent Ben Ryken says buyers can have their brunch and eat it too.

"I thought why not chuck in a year's worth of avo on toast so they don't need to pay for that, and pay for the mortgage," he told Newshub.

The Three Kings townhouse wasn't snapped up at auction, so Ryken had a brainwave.

He threw in a year's worth of Sunday brunches at café Just Like Martha, 90 metres down the road.

"We went back to the drawing board and thought 'what's a good way to get our ideal buyer, which is a first-home buyer in the area, onboard?'" Ryken says.

And just like that, the house was sold, thanks to a tongue-in-cheek way to make the property stand out in Auckland's hot market.

"I think there's been a little wave of marketing gimmicks or other ploys to get buyers through the doors of different properties, so if there's ever a property that ever needs a little push, always happy to go and brainstorm," says Ryken.

Just Like Martha says it's ready to welcome the neighbourhood's newest additions.

"I think it's a really cool idea, really nice," says owner-operator Sam Raina.

And the cafe's prepared in case Ryken does it again.

"We have about 300 houses going next to us, so it might be all 300 houses want to come here and have every Sunday breakfast, avo on toast, you never know," says Raina.

Even the biggest avo die-hard probably doesn't want to eat just that for a year. Just as well - it's currently off the menu.

"Yeah, actually winter's hard to find good quality avocados, we might have to start getting on, we have to find someone who can provide us good avocados then," says Raina.

Though he may need to stock up on eggs. The buyer apparently prefers pancakes.