Genesis ordered to pay more than $1 million after overcharging customers

 Are you one of the lucky customers getting a refund?
Are you one of the lucky customers getting a refund? Photo credit: File

Some Genesis customers have a bit of extra cash heading their way - around $700 in extra cash - after the Commerce Commission ordered the power company to refund customers it overcharged. 

Genesis will refund 1576 business clients who overpaid $1,138,943 between 2014 and 2020, after the Commission found it is likely to have breached the Fair Trading Act.

The power company will not pursue the 1356 customers who underpaid - to the tune of $2.4 million.

Commerce Commission chair Anna Rawlings in a statement said the company should have been checking it was charging customers properly.

“In many cases, customers will not be in position to easily identify whether an error has been made when they are invoiced for goods and services, and they are entitled to assume that they are being asked to pay what is due to be paid," she said.

"Businesses must make sure that they have systems in place to ensure that customers are charged accurately, and to identify and correct inaccuracies promptly if they arise."

Rawlings added Genesis self-reported the issue in July 2020, and has since performed an audit and put checks in place to ensure such a mistake doesn't happen again.