Viral Reddit thread exposes weird and wild lives of the super-rich

Viral Reddit thread exposes weird and wild lives of the super-rich
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Seeing "bricks of cocaine" being brought on a superstar's yacht and having a "cat bathroom" are just some of the wild stories people are sharing about their experiences with the super-rich.

The insane stories were shared on the subreddit r/AskReddit after one user asked people to share details about the one percent. 

The question has garnered over 17,000 responses.

One person said their dad once worked with someone who bought an entire block of homes just to build one house. 

"My dad's client bought a whole block of houses to build theirs. It is so wide that they installed a moving walkway like the ones at airports," they revealed. 

Meanwhile, another said their high school friend was once tipped $8000. 

"A friend from high school worked a few years as a deckhand on yachts in the Mediterranean and he said he once jumped in to get a customer's bag and got tipped €4000 (NZ$7995)." 

They revealed the same friend saw "actual bricks of cocaine" being brought onto a superstar's yacht.

Another person said they once worked as a housekeeper for an extremely wealthy woman who had armour suits made for her pets. 

"[She] had custom suits of armour made for her cats. She had them displayed along with tiny suits of armour for mice."

Someone else said they worked for the son of a billionaire who once spent $16,000 on a wallet. 

"It was a fancy one with little gold spikes on it and stuff. He had shoes with gold on them.

"I remember one year for his birthday he received like 30+ cakes, big fancy cakes and he told us to leave them on the floor in the hallway outside his room.

"We walked by those cakes every day for two weeks waiting for instruction, after the two weeks we were told to throw them away."

Another person described the "cat bathroom" one person had for their furry friend.

"There was a lot of TVs, in almost every room. The weirdest was the bathroom. Sorry, cat bathroom. There was a TV playing cat cartoons, an overly fancy litter box and paintings of cats."

When asked to describe the fancy litter box, they said to imagine a "royal throne", but with cat litter.

And lastly, one person says their friend was building a house for a married couple who didn't like each other but the husband was "far too wealthy to get divorced".

"They had separate elevators installed so they would never worry about ever having to see each other."