Suspicion buyers, sellers on Trade Me flouting lockdown rules

With New Zealand 12 days into its nationwide lockdown, it's bringing the temptation of online shopping. 

With Father's Day just a week away and people looking for the perfect gift, level 4 means only essential goods can be delivered.  

But there is the suspicion online shoppers may be flouting the rules by picking up and dropping off Trade Me purchases from each other's letterboxes and front lawns.

Trade Me has clear rules - buyers and sellers must adhere to the alert level guidelines.

"If we were to find out any of our members were blatantly disregarding the Government's guidelines by dropping or picking up goods from someone else's home, we would take appropriate action and that could mean a ban," Trade Me says.

With Northland and Auckland set to remain in level 4 for at least the next two weeks, NZ Post is reminding people couriers need to be safe too.

Under level 4 only companies selling "essential goods" can use couriers to deliver.

Newshub has spoken to small businesses in places like Timaru who are about to enter level 3 on Wednesday. 

They are wondering what happens when they resume contactless trading, and if they can send a "non-essential" product to a householder in level 4. NZ Post hopes to have an answer on that on Monday. 

It admits though its couriers have no way of knowing what's in each parcel, so it's imploring New Zealanders to make the right call when shopping online and adhere to their own alert level.

So shop up a storm all you like, but expect to wait for delivery of that parcel between regions as the restrictions for level 4 are likely to override any freedoms of those in level 3. 

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