Inland Revenue online calculator remains offline weeks after removal for 'giving out incorrect information'

There's no timeline for when it will be back.
There's no timeline for when it will be back. Photo credit: File.

An Inland Revenue online calculator remains offline nearly a month after it was removed from the agency's website.

In early July, IRD took down the foreign investment fund calculator as it was "giving out incorrect information on quick asset sales". That means people weren't able to use the calculator to work out their Fair Dividend Rate (FDR). 

At the time, IRD said a fix was being worked on. But nearly a month later, the calculator remains offline.

"Inland Revenue is developing and testing a fix for the FDR calculator and it will be back online once that work is complete. In the meantime, we’d like customers to contact us if they need help," the IRD says.

There were concerns about the impact of removing the calculator days before the annual tax return deadline on July 7, but IRD says "no customers will be disadvantaged". 

"Late filing penalties will not be applied to people who cannot file because the calculator is offline. They do need to contact us to advise this is the reason they haven’t filed."

A banner near the top of the IRD website alerts users that the calculator has not been "working correctly" and that it has been removed. It also provides a link informing users about how to get in touch with the department.