Lotto: One of largest-ever prizes up for grabs as Powerball climbs to $42 million

Up for grabs on Wednesday night is one of New Zealand's largest Lotto prizes ever.

Powerball has climbed to a massive $42 million. If won on Wednesday night, it'll be the country's second-largest prize ever. 

It prompts one of life's great questions - what would you do if you won the $42m? Out on the streets on Wednesday, there were some with an acquired taste for spending those dollar bills. 

"Cocaine and strippers," one told Newshub when asked what they'd spend the money on. 

But others were more sensible. 

"I personally would put it straight in a savings account and live off the interest," another said.

"Perhaps buy a house... and just take a big overseas holiday, splash out...  Live the dream," said another.

"I would probably help my daughters with their mortgages," added another person. 

The $42 million prize could quite literally buy you the Kiwi dream. Think a multi-million dollar house, even in Auckland, the bach, the boat, the car and you'd still have some change to pay off debt.

"When someone wins a prize like this there's a huge raft of emotions that come with it," said Kirsten Robinson of Lotto NZ. "Obviously there's a massive amount of excitement but there can be some nerves as well, so we have a really good process in place to make sure that winners have all the information they need."

Vicek Ganta, from Christchurch's Cathedral Junction Convenience Store, was ready for a surge in ticket sales. 

"People will be lining up to buy," Gant said. "Everyone wants to be in the draw when it's like $42 million."