How to get 45 days off with just 14 days of annual leave in 2022

How to get 45 days off with just 14 days of annual leave in 2022
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As we reach the end of yet another dreary year, the countdown is on to switching off for a few days over Christmas.

But while summer is on our doorstep, it is never too early to think about when to take annual leave in 2022.

There are 11 public holidays next year and four of them are Monday or Tuesdayised. There's also the first Matariki public holiday to celebrate, which falls on a Friday next year.

If you're keen to use your annual leave strategically, you will be able to turn 14 leave days to 45 days off work in 2022.

Key dates to take off

New Year

Since New Year's Day and the day after fall on Saturday and Sunday, the holidays themselves are Monday and Tuesdayised. But you may have to talk nicely with your manager to get this time off since it is just around the corner.

Days to take off: January 5, 6, 7

This will get you a full week off from January 1 to 9 with just three days of annual leave.

Take three days off for a week-long break

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day falls on a Sunday next year, meaning it gets Mondayised. And you can easily turn the three-day weekend into four days off.

Day to take off: February 4

By taking this day off, you can give yourself not only a four-day weekend but two short weeks at work.

Easter and Anzac Day

These two holidays fall close to each other again next year. Starting with Good Friday on April 15 and ending with Anzac Day on April 25, there's a chance for you to get an almost two-week-long break.

Days to take off: April 19, 20, 21, 22

Taking these four days off gives you an 11-day-long break from April 15 to 25. But it is even better news if you're in Southland - you only need to take three days off since April 19 is your Anniversary Day.

Queen's Birthday

The Queen will celebrate her 96th birthday in April, and we will mark the occasion with a public holiday on June 6.

Day to take off: June 3

Similarly with Waitangi Day, taking off June 3 - a Friday - will not only give you a four-day-long weekend, but you will also get two short work weeks.


Next year will be the first time Matariki is celebrated as a public holiday.

The mid-winter holiday will always fall on a Friday in June or July, the exact date of which depends on the maramataka (Māori lunar calendar). In 2022, it is on June 24.

Day to take off: June 27

This public holiday is yet another chance to give yourself a four-day weekend and two short weeks at work.

Labour Day

The complete lack of public holidays from June to October is generally pretty hard going, and you'd be forgiven for wanting a break by the time Labour Day rolls around.

Day to take off: October 21

By taking this day off, it's another chance for a four-day weekend that is bookended by a four-day working week.

Luckily, if you're in Hawke's Bay you don't need to worry about taking this day off since your Anniversary Day falls on October 21.

Christmas and New Year

Christmas Day and New Year's Day are both on Sundays next year, but since the day after for both of them is also a public holiday, these two days will be Tuesdayised. So already you have two four-day weekends, but you can turn that into an even longer break.

Days to take off: December 28, 29, 30

By taking the three days off in between Christmas and New Year's, you can get 11 days off.