Lotto: Numbers for major $20m Powerball prize drawn

Powerball is at a massive $20 million this Saturday - and the numbers have just been drawn.

Today's lucky numbers are: 12, 16, 19, 25, 29 and 36. The bonus ball is 35 and the Powerball is 03.

The Strike numbers are 25, 19, 36 and 12.

Earlier this month, the first Lotto winner of the year said he plans to use the money to get a foot onto the property ladder.

"I was at home on Saturday night when I read online that someone from Wellington had won First Division,'' the winner explained.

"I don't know what it was, but I just had a strange feeling when I saw that."

Sitting down with his partner, he checked his Lotto tickets on his phone, watching as the numbers were circled.   

"We sat there staring at my phone and realised pretty quickly that a whole row of numbers was circled off," he said.

"When I saw I'd won $1 million, I felt faint in that moment - in a good way."

The man and his partner said they celebrated with a big hug before sharing the news.

"When we finally got to bed, both my partner and I had a pretty restless night - we could still hardly believe it and couldn't stop thinking about how much our lives were about to change."