Fancy a move to Australia? This beachside cafe is offering $98,000 a year to be their barista

The Good Cartel cafe is offering around $98,000 a year to be there barista.
The Good Cartel cafe is offering around $98,000 a year to be there barista. Photo credit: Getty Images

A cafe in Western Australia is offering a whopping pay packet of almost six figures to attract baristas.

The Good Cartel cafe in the beach resort town of Broome recently advertised several new jobs - including a barista with a salary of AU$92,000 (NZ$98,000).

Interested baristas do not need to have experience and would be expected to work 47 hours a week, including weekends. But the main catch is moving your life to Broome.

Regional hospitality venues across Australia have been hit hard by a worker shortage, with the Finance Review reporting a record 85 percent of Australian businesses are experiencing staff shortages that are holding back their ability to operate at full capacity.

The Good Cartel hopes to make up for lost staff with the exorbitant salary. 

The company has also advertised a customer service role that can earn up to around NZ$85,000 and kitchen staff earning up to around NZ$120,000 for a 55-hour week.

"Good Cartel has a reputation for retaining excellent staff who receive excellent pay," the advertisement wrote. "If you have great attitude and teamwork attributes, we will train a skills deficit."

In New Zealand, according to the Government Careers website, cafe workers usually earn between minimum wage and $22 an hour, which works out to be a maximum of just over $45,000 a year working 40 hours a week.

Experts have warned with the opening of the border, we may see a wave of young Kiwi workers moving overseas - and with salaries like Good Cartel's, businesses may be under pressure to fill the gaps.