Lotto leaps to massive $23 million Powerball draw this Saturday

Powerball has leapt to a massive $23 million this Saturday in what could be a life-changing win.

There's also $1m available in first division, while Strike has also rolled over and will be $500,000 on Saturday night.

"Now that would be life-changing! Make sure to get a ticket in-store or online today so you're in with a chance," Lotto says on its Facebook page.

Earlier this week, an Otago couple shared their story after realising their winning Lotto ticket had won them $1 million - not the $1000 they first thought.

With the prize claimed and certain they had won $1000, the woman was surprised to get a call from Lotto NZ's winners' team the following week congratulating her on her win. 

"When I was chatting to the woman from Lotto NZ on the phone, I jumped back into my MyLotto account to double-check my ticket - and there were definitely a few more zeros looking back at me," she says.

"I read and re-read the amount, and sure enough, it was $1 million. I was so overcome with emotion in that moment, I burst into tears."

Lotto NZ counters can open at all traffic light settings as long as retailers comply with health and safety guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health. 

However, the live Lotto draws are unable to take place while Auckland is in red under the traffic light settings. Draws will instead be computer-generated.